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*Intense stare* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!
Best part ever!

Overall good collab, keep up the good work :)

Yeah about that

Now I will have to say that lpfann2 is right in a sense. The animation was crap. BUT, the point behind the animation was expert and the music matched beautifully. IMO, work on your animation skills but keep what you have with the story line and eventually this video could make it interwebs wide.

I'm going to have to admit

That is pretty cool :D

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I like it

The graphics were OK
this is and exelent start i cant wait to see what you produce in the future

Although it did not load right for me for some reason

hourang responds:


i hope to make many more and to expand this one as well.

ive been having a lot of problems ever since i added mochiads it screwed everything up. trying to resolve everything. if you cant get it to load try right clicking and clicking on forward or just wait for the game to load since the preloader is not working right.

it is connect 4

I like it. Won the first try w00t


ill give it 1 star for graphics and the general not sucking 1 for cuz of chuck norris and 1 for randomness

disdude responds:

uhhh ok well i guess you didn't find it funny...ah well

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This is great jamming music! Keep up the good work! That lead that you used is perfect, not overbearing but yet not to subtle.

Cajete responds:

Thank you for the vote! I love when people leave reviews and actually hear what I was trying to accomplish. I can't believe you mentioned that lead so specifically. It was difficult compressing the sounds properly for those sections of the song. It was difficult to mix it all together to make it sound how you hear it now. I wanted to have everything mixed and mastered in a way where you could hear any instrument you wanted to so long as you listened too it deeply; so you could zone in on something particular you might like. Like how you said-- not to loud but not to subtle. This meant everything had to be even. Many probably think it's just turning down vol knobs but I can confirm that when you are working with electronic sounds-- arps, synths, etc it's much more complex. The intricacies of frequencies, levels, compression, and overall mix in general vastly come into play. There are sections that have completely altered mastering than other parts in the song because it's what was required in order to obtain a similar balance of sound across the entire song. I'm still not happy with the drums-- I will most likely go back and update them at some point. I'm still learning a lot of new methods and applications in terms of mastering. I learn new tads and bits when I experiment with different genres which is why I'm currently working on an entire Synthwave compilation. I feel like I can pick techniques up from different genres and bring them over to what I'm currently doing. This song is a testament of that; trying to learn new things.

I really like this! The arps were perfect!

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you! ^_^

If only it was longer! Great job though, really digging the old school electro vibes!

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Uh huh

It kinda reminds me of my uncle.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my luxurious newgrounds page. I have lots of music! Go and explore my collection, you may find something you like.

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